Man appreciates mother-in-law with new car after completing ‘omugwo’

Nigerian realtor, Nelson Nwamara presents his mother-in-law with a new car as an expression of his gratitude after completing her ‘omugwo‘ stay at his home.

The traditional Igbo practice of ‘omugwo‘ involves postpartum care provided by the mother, mother-in-law, or a close female relative.

Nelson, with his mother-in-law and their newborn baby on a flight

Nelson’s gesture came as his wife welcomed their second child, and his mother-in-law assisted with the postpartum care for three months in Abuja.

In a post via Facebook, the realtor revealed that his mother-in-law has been a blessing, noting that he also arranged for her to experience her first aeroplane journey.

Sharing a photo of the new car gift, he wrote in part;

Man appreciates mother-in-law with new car after 'omugwo'

My mother inlaw finished her Omugwo today. She has been with us in Abuja for 3 months since Neil Bobo was born.
I gift her a new car to go home with.
I also fly her in plane for the first time at least 4 times within this 3 months.
She stayed in my house in Abuja and enrolled on how to export food items abroad and she had registered a business name in that regard.
This woman is a blessing to me.
After my mum and my wife, she is another biggest gift God gave me. I am extremely lucky to have her as my mother inlaw,” he wrote in part.

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