Man advises Nigerians against spirit of entitlement

A Twitter user identified as @paulAkingbola has revealed how he almost lost a good friend due to his sense of entitlement.

According to him, he got broke and messaged a friend requesting for ₦2k. Unfortunately, the friend never replied him causing him to literally end the friendship.

Months later, he heard from the friend and it turned out that his phone got stolen and he didn’t receive the message he had sent.

Adding to this, he also discovered that his friend was in a much tougher situation than he was.

He wrote:

“I was so broke that year I texted a friend with my last airtime asking him for N2,000. He never replied. I was sad and angry coz he was my last hope. I thought: “Ordinary 2k, my guy no fit send! And he didn’t even care to reach out.” So to me, our friendship was over.

“Months later he messaged on Facebook asking for my number which I reluctantly sent. When he called, I challenged him about my text which he never got as his phone had been stolen + he was in between a lot too. Omo! His case was so bad I had to pocket mine. Anyways, we resolved.

“Reflecting on it later, I realised I was entitled and preemptive. Like: why was I expecting a friend to fix my problem and then write him off just like that.

“Now years later, I can’t count how many opportunities this same guy has pushed to me. Nasso village people for win! 🙆🏾

“This is how most of us are: we expect people to do things for us because they’re in our life, because we’ve helped them in times past or because we believe they have enough. And when they don’t/can’t, we hold it against them [without imagining their why]. That’s entitlement!

“Nobody owes you anything. And even if they do, there’s more to friendship/relationship than what people do/don’t do for you today.

“Be careful not to sacrifice built rapports over unaccessed help that you’d even survive without. You have no idea what you may be missing out later.”

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