Makinde – Oyo Will Not Ban ‘Okada’ Like Lagos Did… We’ll Regulate Them

The Oyo government has stated that it has no intention of prohibiting commercial motorcycle operations, known locally as ‘okada’, in the state.
The governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, recently announced a ban on okada operations in six LGAs of the state, which went into effect on June 1.

Ikeja, Surulere, Eti Osa, Lagos Mainland, Lagos Island, and Apapa are among the local government areas affected by the ban.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo, stated that the state will not replicate the development in Lagos.

Aside from stating that okada is an important mode of transportation, Makinde stated that a ban would result in a large number of people being unemployed.

“We take decisions based on data, science and logic. If they ban them in Lagos, how long will it take them to realise the benefits? The situation in Lagos is the same as ours,” he said.

“We have no intention of banning Okada. We will regulate them, we will identify them and the criminals will be dealt with. I have seen people with their cars jump okada to go to the bank. They are serving a purpose.

“We have started identity management. If we say ban because Lagos did it, what next? Those riding Okada legitimately you take them out of business.

“When we identify them, who, what, where, we let the people know that there may be criminal elements.

“If we wholesale send them out, we will have more criminal issues. They could become armed robbers.”

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