Maino Says Keyshia Cole Checked Him Over Bars About Sexual Encounter

Lyrics often get rappers into trouble as they boast about their jewels, street life, or bedroom antics, but Maino didn’t expect Keyshia Cole to react the way she did to a bar he wrote about her. Sometimes, rappers pen rhymes about their sexual escapades with other artists, but not every story that ends up on a record is the truth, like that involving Maino and Cole.

According to the rapper, Cole checked him in the club after he claimed in a song that they had an intimate encounter. Maino laughed as he detailed the story with Math Hoffa.

“They had a DJ booth up in the sky, like, it was a DJ booth up there,” Maino said as he pointed to the ceiling. “And I was in there, same night. Sht is flying down on me… Sht is dropping down on me, ngga. This time, I was pretty active in the club. Puttin’ nggas in comas over there, so sht flyin’, I’m like, ‘Who the fck playin’ with me like that?!'”

“I’m lookin’, I’m like, oh, somebody throwin’ lemons,” he recalled. “Who the f*ck throwin’ lemons at me?!” A heated Maino made his way to the DJ booth to see who had an issue with him, and he found an irate Keyshia Cole.

“She was like, ‘Yeah ngga, that’s me!” Everyone laughed at the revelation. “She’s like, ‘Yeah, ngga! What the fck is wrong with you? I got a ngga and you sayin’ sht on records and all that, and you don’t even know I’m a real btch!’ I was like, ‘Yo,’ I was laughin’.” He couldn’t help but find humor in the situation because he was really ready to fight someone but instead found the R&B singer.

Maino added that the interaction caused him to gain “mad respect for her” because the two artists became good friends after that. “She checked me! Right then and there!” Check out Maino sharing the story below.

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