Love in the trenches — TDB

‘Love in the Trenches’ attests to TDB’s continuous pursuit of next-level sounds ridden with relatable experience.

The project starts on the keys of the afro feel-good joint, ‘Born Sinner’, a song that starts the story of the typical lover boy defying the natural laws of attraction of money to bring the sensitive intricacies of love to the forefront.

Love in the trenches TDB
Love in the trenches. Image Credit: TDB Source: Boomplay

TDB’s tone and versatile way of weaving melodies is taken to a spiritual level on “Spiritual” with talented music-box, Loti. He channels his inner Lil Wayne to deliver the physical aspect of love, exploring the further attachment and euphoria that comes with having a good time.

Thrilling, sensual, promising and anxious, “Talking Stage”, is the afro RnB anthem that bears witness to the uncertainty and anxiousness that comes with transitioning from first meet to taking things further and the idea that things can go down the drain. TDB enlists menacing piano keys and a harmonious voice to tell this experience of standing on thin ice.

To further iterate that “Love is sweet, when money enters, love is sweeter”, “If to say” has TDB using a vocal technique that gives his voice the rough and hard texture on his realization that hard currency is the main love language and his epic love is not going to turn currently without the juice.

Across his formative singles, TDB starts to ask the right “Questions” with Jola Bello. Tired of the games and unanswered questions, TDB shows his hands on this groovy track, stating his 100 percent readiness for a full blown romance and confirming the willingness of his lover on the For-life train. Completing the full circle, TDB, the lover boy beckons on “Monalisa” that has made him the sinner he is today. He enlists the easy melodious bars of Posah to serenade his one of a kind woman, finally overcoming the financial constraints of love.

With a runtime of about 16 minutes, ‘Love in the Trenches’ is best described as a short trip over a well put together mix of sensual and feel good soundscape accompanied by a voice guaranteed to get you in your feelings and relate to all the many lives lived in the name of love. Stripping away music’s artifice, TDB describes his project as a pan-storytelling hub where he enlists experiences from different sides of the playing board so as to unite many hearts by their shared experiences in navigating love.

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