Love In Mud as Portable and Ashabi Simple Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

  • Singer Portable and his fourth baby mama Ashabi Simple broke up on Instagram after Portable denied being her husband and referred to her as his side chick.
  • Ashabi Simple recently discussed her feelings about having multiple women in her life and how she handles it in an interview.
Ashabi Simple

Portable and his fourth baby mother Ashabi Simple have yanked each other from their Instagram pages after the Zazoo star denied being her spouse and referred to her as his side chick.

It should be noted that Ashabi Simple just appeared in an interview where she discussed her feelings about the artist having other ladies in his life and how she manages it.

Portable didn’t take her describing him as her husband very well.

He had said that they are not married and that she had just become pregnant for him, while also emphasizing that she is his side chick, not his legally wedded wife.

Their drama has taken a terrible turn as they unfollow one other on Instagram.

A simple check on their individual pages revealed that they no longer follow each other.

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