Little boys are spotted charging phone with transformer (Video)

Some kids have sparked reactions online as they’re spotted charging and playing games on a phone at a transformer stand.

In a video which is making the rounds online, the boys were seen by a passer-by who spotted them around a transformer.

On getting closer, it was seen that the two of them were busy playing with a white smart phone with a cord connected to the charging port.

When he asked what they were, they said they were charging their phone.

Whether the transformer is functional or not is however unknown.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, fav_bae21 wrote: β€œNot funny, please dey need to be enlightened”

adorable_barbiiee wrote: β€œsee small children what are they doing inside a transformer high tension”

josh_tisdale_1 wrote: β€œDey play… Transformer wey dem never install”

havitz_exchange2 wrote: β€œNo try go there before those boys go collect your phone join there own”

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