Little boy unhappy in Canada says he wants to go back to Nigeria

Little Nigerian boy causes buzz online as he cries out in pain while stating his intention to move back to Nigeria from Canada.

In the video, the boy could be seen crying painfully as he expressed his unhappiness in the new country he found himself in.

The video was shared to the family’s Facebook page, Udo’s Clan TV, where they document their life experiences in Toronto, Canada since their arrival.

“I want to go back to Nigeria” — Little boy in Canada cries out

His mother immediately tried to pacify him by saying he couldn’t live in Nigeria all by himself but as soon he grows up, he would go back to Nigeria.

This worked and shortly after, he cheered up and stopped crying.

See some reactions to the video

@engrpopey wrote: “This one don drink expired Cerelac”

@virginperspect said: “No where like home but our government is spoiling our home sweet home.”

@sammyscotttt asked: “Go back to Nigeria to do what? 🙄”

@maybewavyy advised: “give am anointing oil make e drink before e too late o”

@charliebeato commented: “Probe and find out why he wants to do reverse-Japa. He might be experiencing bullying and not integrating well. Probe”

Watch video below

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