Lil Gnar Asserts Future Is Better Than Tupac & Hip Hop Fans Battle

Hip Hop fans are engaging in an all-out generational war after Lil Gnar’s recent tweet went viral. The Atlanta-raised rapper and clothing designer knew just how to gain attention when he fired off a controversial tweet, and while it was short and to the point, the reactions have been heavy. Fans often like engaging in debates and discussions of which rappers are the best lyricists, performers, writers, or have the most noteworthy flows. The late Tupac Shakur has remained a favorite in the industry decades after his death, named a GOAT by legends in the game and fans, but Gnar believes another artist is better.

“Future better den tupac easy,” wrote Gnar.

Now, he didn’t offer up an explanation as to why or how he came to this personal conclusion. Not only did the tweet amass thousands of likes and hundreds of responses on Twitter alone, but screenshots have also been shared on other platforms where people have continued the conversation.

Tupac was, of course, murdered at 25-years-old in 1996 after a car he was riding in was shot at by unknown assailants. His legacy has remainded a staple in Hip Hop, not just because of his talents, but because of his revolutionary ideas, community building, and evolution as a man and artist. However, there is a generation of Hip Hop fans who have not grown up on Tupac’s music, and their versions of GOATs or Top 10 rappers are much different, and for many, Future is a leading voice over anything Tupac accomplished.

We’ll let you talk among yourselves in the comments as you let us know what you think of Gnar’s tweet. Read through a few reactions below as well.

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