LeBron James’ Latest Historic Milestone Lights Up Social Media

LeBron James continues to make history.
LeBron James is easily one of the best players in the entire history of the NBA. In the eyes of old heads, he is the second greatest player, while in the eyes of zoomers, he is the best. Regardless of where you stand on this debate, you have no choice but to agree that LeBron is a complete tour de force who has changed the game forever.

Last night, LeBron hit a huge milestone as he became the second-leading scorer in NBA history. James surpassed Karl Malone on the all-time list, and now, he is just about 1400 points away from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Based on current trends, James could get the record as soon as next season.

Immediately after surpassing Malone, NBA media took to Twitter to give their reactions to the news. As you can imagine, many were quick with the infographics, and others made sure to congratulate the Lakers superstar. Even LeBron had some words about it on the sidelines as he thanked the fans out there for their support, all while noting that he still had a game to play.

In the end, the Lakers lost, but it was still a successful day for James who continues to make history at the age of 37.

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