Lawmaker Akin Alabi gifts generators, grinding machines, and food to people in his constituency

Hon Akin Alabi, who represents Egbeda/Ona Ara Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, has taken the initiative to distribute generators, grinding machines, and essential food items to the residents of his constituency in Oyo State.

The donation made by Hon Akin Alabi is a part of his efforts to help ease the challenges faced by his constituents, such as power shortages and economic strains. 

Lawmaker Akin Alabi gifts generators, grinding machines, and food to people in his constituency
Akin Alabi

By providing generators, grinding machines, and essential food items, he aims to alleviate these difficulties and make a positive impact on the lives of the people in his constituency.

A statement from the camp of the lawmaker noted that the generators and grinding machines are poised to empower individuals economically and enable them to establish sustainable livelihoods despite prevailing challenges.

The statement added that Akin Alabi carried out the outreach to emphasise the significance of community support and collaboration in overcoming adversity.

It is imperative that we stand together as a community, extending a helping hand to those facing hardship,” Alabi said during the handing over of the items to the beneficiaries.

The statement also disclosed that many beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the lawmaker while pointing out the impact of the contributions to their lives and livelihoods.

“The distribution event not only addressed immediate needs but also underscored Alabi’s commitment to uplifting the welfare of his constituents. By fostering economic empowerment and providing essential resources, Akin Alabi continues to exemplify leadership rooted in service and compassion.

As the Egbeda/Ona Ara Federal Constituency navigates through challenges, Akin Alabi’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of his constituents serves as a source of inspiration, igniting optimism and resilience within the community,” the statement added.

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