Landlord professes love for tenant’s younger sister

A Nigerian landlord sparked discussion on social media as he professes love for the younger sister of his tenant by asking her to be his girlfriend.

The post is captioned: “Serious trouble after the landlord texted your younger sister.”

"Moment I set eyes on you, I fell in love" - Social media erupts as landlord professes love for tenant's younger sister
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In the clip, the landlord’s voice expresses his love for the girl he saw. “Good morning, I hope you slept well. Is it a crime for someone to be in love with you? That I’m in love, is it a crime? I’ve been worried and disturbed over you.”

“From the moment I set eyes on you, you make me fall in love. Baby, I’ve fallen in love. Consider my feelings and make me happy once more.”

The lady forwarded the message to her elder brother, who asked her to respond with a voice note he recorded.

In the note, he warns the landlord to stay clear of his sister and suggests he visit the cemetery if he wants to be happy.

Social media users flooded the comments section after the video surfaced online to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Vel boo: “Is not a crime 😩😩😩just give us 2 years free rent let’s think about it.”

Sarah❤️💧💦⭐️: “Na to Dey live free house.”

[email protected]:3yeard free rent sir and see if you won’t fall in love more.”

Ope: “Men mount ooo we dey come.”

mimi_ded:love me the way I do.”

Armani🫶dc❤️: “Make una love him the way he do na.”

Damilola: “He’s not loved at home.”

Dfw_spiccccee☠️😈: “Landlords n caretakers ahhhh 😂😂 shege n rubbish.”

Omayayy: “The criminal crazy things sadness can cause. Oga landlord na so you dey fall in love,na so stray bullet hit cemetery.”



Wahala part 14 😩😂♥️

♬ original sound – Funsho 🧯

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