Lagosians, Lets Talk!!! How Has The Okada Ban Affected You?

With a lot of job lost, business operations delayed long queues of trekkers across the affected areas of okada ban in Lagos, a lot people are still being affected daily.
Okada ban in some key areas in Lagos State have really affected a lot of people. People have to trek long distances just to get to their destination and it adds to a lot of people’s frustration.

But according to Lagos state government, Most of the Okada operators in the Apapa, Lagos Island, Lekki and Ikeja axes are armed and ready to kill anyone that crosses their path. Many of them do not even speak pidgin, our unofficial linqua franca, or any Nigerian orthography.

However, the advantages of these commercial bike men are far more than the disadvantages. I would have preferred that they are banned on the major roads and left to operate in the streets with more strict rules. More coordination and a body to hold responsible when a disaster happens through them.

While the decision to ban okada has received praises and commendations by a section of stakeholders, there are also fears that it can lead to an upsurge in crime by the banned operators and abuse by security operatives.

Commuters are also lamented as it has complicate the poor transportation system in the state.

So Guys, the question here is

How Has The Okada Ban Affected You?
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