Lady shares messagefrom instagram vendor after scamming her

A lady has warned Netizens against purchasing from a particular Instagram vendor after she justified scamming her of 18k with an audacious message.

The lady took to her social media page, X, @CakeMaestro042, to share screenshots between herself and the vendor.

The vendor who owns a Declutter store was supposed to deliver a fan to the lady but by evening the lady was yet to receive it.

She went to the seller’s page and confirmed that she was indeed not a legit vendor. She called her out, promising to curse her everytime she prayed.

The Instagram vendor responded saying, “We all sin differently except you don’t sin”.

This enraged the lady who immediately took to her social media to warn other unsuspecting customers.

She said;

“If you’re considering buying anything from declutter_by_moh on IG, run o!
They are scammers!

Lol just imagine the response 🤦‍♀️.”

See post below:

“We all sin differently” — Lady shares audacious message she got from Instagram vendor after scamming her of 18k

Some reactions to the post…

@AprokoWarri wrote: “He will close this one and start another. Buy an account and start running ads. Many will fall for it again.”

@tobsprecious said: “God forgive me that I laughed but this one wore garment of shame joyfully o”

@Afrodrid advised: “Attach the account details you paid into to this thread. He/she will likely deactivate this account and clone another.”

@Chi_deera reacted: “Jesus. This is the most unhinged thing ever😂😂. Sorry for the laugh”

@GiftedHandsCak1 said: “Imagine the response, this is a certified scammer”

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