Lady shares funny reply from her boyfriend after she pranked him

A lady has shared the hilarious reaction of her boyfriend after she pranked him about getting kidnapped.

She shared the voicenote she received from him on her Tiktok account, @whitneybanky.

The lady who is a model lied to her boyfriend, whispering in hushed tones via a WhatsApp voice note that she was kidnapped.

“Let them kidnap you but don’t open leg for them” — Lady shares message she received from her boyfriend after she pranked him about getting kidnapped

She demanded 20k to be sent to her OPay account to pay as ransom so her alleged “kidnappers” would not kill her.

The boyfriend immediately responded, telling her to let them kidnap her but warning her not to open her legs for them.

He assured her that he would come save her himself or call soldiers to do the saving on his behalf.

See reactions to the video

@OLAWALE🎧👅❤️ wrote: “Don’t open leg for them oo 😂😂”

@Phee Yaah🦋💙 asked: “Where Una they see this kin werey as boyfriend 😂😂them Dey match energy eehn😩❤️”

@ELORM SNOW said: “This guy be me 😂😂😂.. I swear na exactly what I was expecting”

@Sam canada 🍁🇨🇦 opined: “My guy was soo protective😂😂 he said don’t open leg for them ooo 😂”

@Lilly reacted: “😂😂😂😂funniest thing I have seen today”

Watch video here


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