Lady severely shocked after seeing her husband’s toothbrush

Lady sparks online debate after sharing the vast difference between the state of her husband’s toothbrush and hers.

The married woman narrates how she and her husband got her toothbrush at exactly the same time and brush the same amount of times per day.

However, she was left very shocked upon seeing his toothbrush looking very much scattered.

“Why are men like this” — Netizens question as lady shows difference between her husband’s toothbrush and hers

To alleviate her confusion, she questioned what he used it for apart from brushing his teeth, to make it get that bad.

See some reactions to the video here

@vjecislav wrote: “Either you ain’t brushing right or your husband seriously needs to calm down 😂”

@Iampelga_ stated: “Fr some men brush like they are scrubbing gutter 😭😭”

@iamnaomixx opined: “i dont believe that the only thing he uses that brush is his teeth”

@Jah_car_rah said: “literally me and my brother’s tooth brushes growing up, I used to be so concerned that he had something other than teeth in his mouth 😭”

@rightfootgoal commented: “He’s preparing his teeth for a toothpaste commercial”

@_ayoleon_ said: “Aggressively brushing your teeth can lead to gum recession (irreversible btw). I used to have the habit until my dentist told me to stop.”

@MeanMiaSophia asked: “Why are men like this lmfaoooo”

Watch video here

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