Lady seeks forgiveness from mother for not inviting her to wedding

A lady identified as Rachel Abosede has cried out on Facebook, two years after getting married without inviting her mother.

In a Facebook post, Rachel recounted how she failed to invite her mother to her wedding after her dad threatened to disown her if she did.

However, two years down the line, she regretted her actions and has appealed to people to help her beg her mother for forgiveness.

Rachel wrote:

β€œI am here so my rant family can help me apologize to my mum because I have offended her and her creator. I did my wedding two years ago without carrying my mom along and she later heard about it.

It wasn’t my intention to do that as my dad said he was going to disown me if my mum was present at the wedding. The guilt is killing me.”

See her post below:

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