Lady in confusion as she finds ring at her boyfriend’s place

A lady has found herself in a confusion as she finds an engagement ring hidden at her boyfriend’s place after she went to his house for the weekend.

The lady revealed that while at her man’s place, she was busy snooping around and came upon the wedding ring in the process.

"It's like this man wants to leave me" – Lady in confusion as she finds wedding ring at her boyfriend's place
Wedding ring.

A video she shared showed the engagement ring box she found, and her confusion is on whether the boyfriend is secretly trying to propose to another lady or he wants to surprise her.

She wrote …

“Okay I went to my man’s house for the weekend I was snooping around and this is what I found guys It’s like this man wants to leave me What if it’s mine? Should I still act surprise ??”

@evaboo asked: “did he invite u or u told him u wanted to come so I will know wat to say”

@Empyrean Designs commented: “act like you saw nothing. then move your snooping to his phone. check chats with his friends and siblings. You’ll get your answers.”

@preciouschinaza626 said: “Please keep us updated on this particular matter don’t forget to tag meoo please 😂😂”

@Perry Rejoice 🥰😘💸😌 said: “That’s how I found ring in his wardrobe, I told my mom about if am to react, the told me to calm down 🥺 feel week after I saw the ring, he propose to me with the ring🥹 So my dear take a deep breath”

Watch video below …


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