Lady Celebrates After Going To Study Law Just To Get Her Dad Out Of Prison In Time For Her Graduation

A Lady who decided to study Law with a mission in mind to get her convicted Father out of prison has taken to her social media page to celebrate after she finally made her dream come through.
According to the young lady, her father has been in jail since she was 4 and she did what she could to get him out just in time to make her graduation.

Sharing the photo, she wrote:-
I went to law school because my dad was sentenced to life in prison for non-violent drug crimes. I did what I could to get him out. He did 20 years and got out right in time for my graduation.

Katherine Moorhead wrote:-
My daughter was born in prison 30 yrs ago when I was serving a ten year sentence for shoplifting due to drugs. I’m attending her law school graduation this week!!! God takes the worst Junk of our lives and makes the most beautiful art. She is my Mona Lisa

Patrice Gaines wrote:-
So proud of you. You did the damn thing. No one should go to prison for non-violent drug crimes. Thank you for choosing this path—and welcome home to your dad.

Stark wrote:-
This is the reason to become a lawyer. Not for money. Not to impress people. Do it because you know—in this case directly— that the people need somebody. Seriously, congratulations to your dad on getting out, and congratulations to you bc a lot of dads are still inside

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