Lady calls out Hilda Baci after getting humiliated at her restaurant

Nigerian lady comes online to drag Hilda Baci after being disgraced by the staff of her restaurant because she was unable to pay for her meal.

The lady shared the video to her Tiktok page, @cyndy_pek, where she claimed she did not deserve the embarrassment she faced.

From the post she shared, she made plans to go on a dinner date with her boyfriend and they picked Hilda Baci’s restaurant.

She took her friend along with her while they waited for the boyfriend to arrive.

Lady calls out Hilda Baci after getting humiliated at her restaurant

Since he was running late, they decided to order food and start eating before he showed up.

She was then informed that a plate of rice cost N10k but they did not have the money and were depending on the boyfriend who did not show up.

The staff at the restaurant asked her to pay the bill and began harassing her over the debt.

She felt very insulted by this and wondered if it is the norm in the popular chef’s restaurant.

Here are some reactions to the lady’s video

@Queen Nick105 sweetie asked: “but hope you later pay?”

@offissial_zhaddy wrote: “You no wan pay before shey as your boyfriend no come him tell you to go shop carry your friend, all this broke girls ehn dem dey sabi misbehave well well”

@jcares07 reacted: “😂😂😂😂is that how you use to do hanty? ordering for what you can’t fit to pay for”

@pappi._of_port_harcourt_ commented: “una no even get 10k to pay for una food 🚩🚩🚩🚩🗑️🚮 Na your boyfriend I blame”

Watch the video here


I do not deserve the embarrassing they embarrassed me at hilda restaurant 😡😡😡… #cyndyedward

♬ original sound – 🌹Cyn_dy🌹

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