Lady calls out father for eating for abandoning her and siblings

A video of a Nigerian lady who has called out her father for ignoring them but is comfortable eating her meal has gone viral.

The said lady shared a video of her father eating in a living room with bold captions. According to the captions, she revealed the man in the video of her father, who abandoned her and her sibling when they were young.

Further speaking, she adds that he never cared about their education or shelter, but he now sits comfortably eating her meal. However, she wonders if he deserves it.

Netizens have advised that she forgives him, forgets the past, and move on.

The lady wrote:

My dad abandoned us and never cared but rather invested his money on strange #women and still have no remorse till date he feels he is on his right he never cared about our feeding, education, and #shelter he made us homeless most times.” 

Watch video below;

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