Lady accused of snatching her friend’s lover finally reacts

A South African lady who was accused on Instagram of snatching her friend’s man has responded.

In a very lengthy message she sent to her friend, she claimed that they were never true friends and the man was able to notice her because of the lady’s jealousy and bad habit of always bad-mouthing her.

She further stated that she and her man are very happy together and she thanked her friend for introducing her to him.

She also warned her friend to stop texting her man, even though her friend and her man already have a baby together.

She wrote:

“The sooner you come to terms with the fact that we were never friends, the better for you. This ‘friend’ narrative that you keep pulling is getting worn out. You are beneath my level of people I’d ever regard as a friend because you are dumb and you act like an illiterate with nothing to lose. While you’re busy ‘putting me on blast don’t forget to mention the fact that YOU were the fake ‘friend’ all along.

Nothing you’ve done till this day will phase me because you and I both know how much you never liked me from day 1 YOUR fake friendship towards me, I clocked a very long time ago. YOU constantly talking about me to your EX, and the constant nagging about me behind my back was what made him notice me in the first place.

You’re a toxic, bitter little girl and you need to heal. This was ail YOUR doing. And between you and the god you serve, you know this. You are not my friend, never was my friend. You are nothing but a fan who was trying to get close to me.

You’ve been a silent hater since day one and you’re only pressed because he chose me. You can’t stand the fact that the one person you tried to tear down so much in front of him and to others, especially your so called friends, is the same person he chose to be with. That’s the real Tea!

Let your minions know exactly how you are and stop lying to make yourself look good. You’ve already made yourself look stupid by putting YOUR business out there for everyone to see. And quit with the fake accounts. it’s screaming desperate and mental.

Whatever narrative suits you, pis run with. As long as it makes you feel better. We are happy and very much in love. So thank you for ‘introducing’ me to my man After all, What God cannot do does not exist Stop texting my man and for the love of God, stop harassing us. Focus on your blessing and use this energy in making sure you raise a beautiful girl that doesn’t end up being like you

Also, you need to get your act together and stop acting wiid every time you know we’re together. You look dumb. While you’re stalking my page, i hope you’re taking notes on how to act.

I am not your mate, iam not your friend, you are not on my level, which you wish you were. So every time you ask yourself, ‘why ADEOLA’ Remember that.”

See the chat below:

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