Lady accidentally sends N50k to stranger, receives text message from him requesting for more

A lady has narrated how she mistakenly sent 50,000 naira to a man and tried to use a trick to make him return the money, but it failed.

According to the lady, she had mistakenly sent fifty thousand naira to the wrong account and when she realized this, she decided to induce fear in the recipient to make him return it.

She revealed that she had worded a text message to make it seem like it was from an occultic group which ensured him that he would receive more now that he has become their member by virtue of accepting the cash.

Rather than express fright at this, he had instead told the lady that his dad is also interested and would want her to send 50,000 to him as well.

She wrote:

“I mistakenly sent 50k to a wrong number today then after realizing this, I calmed down and send this text message “Hello dear, I hope you have received the membership welcome fee of 50k into the ŠÄTÁNÏŚM INDUSTRY, that’s just the beginning of the richest life you are about to start living.

We have a meeting tonight whereby we will slâüghtër 3 virgins in celebration of your new membership. Let’s meet at 11pm in your house. But if you’re not interested, kindly send the money back to this number otherwise, welcome to ŠÄTÁNÏŠM INDUSTRY see you tonight.”

10minutes later I received a text message saying “please send another 50k, my dad is interested too” but why people de do like that ??”

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