LadiPoe, Leading The Revival In Style

Nigerian superstar rapper, Ladipo Esoβ€”popularly known as Ladipoeβ€” recently dropped
really nice songs that have topped the charts for a number of weeks. The Mavin-signed
rapper is one who is good at telling stories in his songs, fusing substantial story lines with
delightful and satisfying lyrics to give us good, chart topping hip-hop tracks.
He recently brought out a new direction of sound in the new school Nigerian rap, proclaiming
himself as the β€œleader of the revival”, delivering singles like β€œLemme know and Jaiye.”

Ladipoe recognizes the fact that as a musician, fashion and style is important to your brand.
According to him, the way he expresses himself with his music and it’s unique to himβ€”style
is the same thing. Style is just another form of expressing your genuine feelings for people to
feed on. It’s very essential that as an artist you look good at all times. Some of his typical
looks in his music videos and his pictures are characterized by his durags, cool outfits,
stunning jewelries, glasses and clean haircut.

It is pleasant to see our favorite rapper pull off different stylish, sophisticated and elegant
looks at all times.

His style is very unique, modern and tailored to suit the β€œLeader of the Revival”, as the
revolutionary rapper. He pulls off this very lovely look, in the sense that his color scheme is
intriguing and not all over the place. His sense of fashion is clean and the level of simplicity
is astounding.

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