Kyrie Irving’s Mindset Heading Into Next Season Revealed

Kyrie Irving and the Nets are in the midst of some drama.
Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets have had a very complicated relationship over the years. Kyrie recently opted into his contract with the Nets, although the team seems to be looking to trade him. Of course, the team is also trying to shop around Kevin Durant, so it should come as no surprise that the Nets are looking to blow up their tandem that has only won one playoff series in three years.

For now, however, the Nets can’t seem to trade Durant and there is a real chance he will have to play for the team this season. By extension, there is a real chance that Kyrie plays out the year for the Nets as well, which means both superstars will have to buckle down and simply get used to their current predicaments.

In a report from Ian Begley of SNY, it was revealed that Kyrie is completely okay with playing for the Nets this year and that he is aware of what kind of bind he has found himself in. Pretty well, Kyrie has no choice, especially since he is heading into a contract year.

“A source close to Irving said this week that the seven-time All-Star is in a good place with the Nets and comfortable entering the 2022-23 season,” Begley wrote.

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