Korra’s daughter, June replies to mom’s query of having a stepdad, describes her father, Justin Dean as broke

  • Dancer and singer, Korra Obidi shared a conversation between her and her daughter, June Dean.
  • In the video, Korra asked June if she would like to have a stepfather and she gave NO for an answer.
  • As their conversation continued, June avowed that her father doesn’t have money compared to her mom, Korra Obidi.

Famous dancer and singer, Korra Obidi recently shared her daughter’s response when asked about her desire to have a stepfather.

Despite the court order restricting Korra from revealing her children’s faces on social media, she shared the heartfelt conversation with her daughter, June.

When Korra Obidi inquired if June would like her to explore the dating scene and possibly get a partner who would eventually turn out to be her stepdad, the little girl expressed a strong preference for her biological father. June conveyed her love for both Korra and her father, hinting at a burning desire for them to reunite.

However, Korra firmly rejected the notion, stating that a reconciliation between her and her ex-husband is not a viable option.

In the course of the conversation, June exposed her father as she stated that he doesn’t have money compared to her mom. Korra Obidi however appeared dumbfounded as the kid spoke.

Watch the video below:

Reacting to the clip, One thick_fina wrote:  “June u say ur papa no get money whahala done Dey oh ready to be sued 😂😂”

esthersky_77 wrote: “Korra is going back to her husbandKora is going back to her husband”

nkechinyeremm  wrote: “A lot of women endure in marriage because of their children. Here is the prove 😂”

news_nook wrote: “She loves her dad. Periodt. Stop trying to put words in kids mouth. Stop broke shaming her dad.”

symply_dee_ wrote: “My daddy does have money. Una ear dey ache? 😏.”

ajumbaise_herbaltea wrote: “Kids know….my son was telling my sister that mommy have money than daddy lol…they know who spends the most and who cares most. 😂.”

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