Kodak Black Wants A Verzuz Against 21 Savage

Kodak Black is down to do a hit-for-hit battle against 21 Savage. Just days after the Her Loss rapper claimed that he’d “smoke” any of his peers in a battle — Yak took to Instagram to give his take and opinion on things. “[21] don’t want the smokes,” Kodak shared in an Instagram Live session.

“I done DM’d that na. Don’t be cappin’ on this Internet if you ain’t ready to stand up in that fye. Run it. I done hit Verzuz. You ain’t ready to stand up in that fire, boy.” Kodak went on to mention 21’s “Jimmy Crooks” collaborator, Drake, saying, “And Drake know what’s going on. Drake know that na don’t want the smokes.”

He added, “Me and Drake got so many songs. We gon’ see when he put them b**** out.” Despite the competitiveness, Kodak assured his followers that it’s all love and fun between him and 21 Savage. “I ain’t gon’ lie,” he shared. “I f*** with that boy 21. He straight. The sh*t with him and Drake. This that boy best music.”

Kodak’s comments come on the heels of 21 declaring that he would smoke Kodak in the Verzuz battle. On Wednesday, the Atlanta rapper told Twitch star Kai Cenat, “Nah, Kodak got some sh**. It just depends how a nia play it. They be acting like I don’t got that sht. That’s what be the problem, I don’t know what nas thinking.”

He continued, “Before all this Drake shit. I been having diamond songs. Probably the only nigga of this generation to go platinum with no features. They always talking about ‘Savage a feature artist.’ No, Savage went platinum with no features my first album.”

Fans of both hip hop stars flooded the comments with their thoughts on hit for hit battle. “I ain’t gone lie I rock 21. But Yak taken this one lol,” one fan commented. “Y’all really forgot about 21 before drake,” another chimed in.

21 has yet to respond to Kodak’s recent comments. Share your thoughts below.

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