“Kizz Daniel’s new EP ‘TZA’ is a 2/10” – Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha, a controversial reviewer, believes that afrobeat musician Kizz Daniel’s hugely lauded new EP is terrible, giving it a 2/10 grade.

On Monday, March 11, Kizz Daniel’s five-track EP “TZA” was released. It features previous singles “Too Busy To Be Bae” and “Twe Twe,” as well as new tracks “Sooner,” “Showa,” and “Jejeli.”

“Kizz Daniel’s new EP ‘TZA’ is a 2/10” – Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha gives the EP a low review, claiming that both the new and old tunes are bad.

According to him, the singer has failed to make a successful song or promote a pen game since the release of Buga in 2022 and has to step up.

His words: “Kizz Daniel’s new EP “TZA” is a 2/10; Twe Twe, & Too Busy To Be Bae were terrib!e songs, but the new tracks a!n’t good either. “Sooner” asides being p¤¤rly written, contradicts “Too Busy To Be Bae”. Kizz Daniel has n¤t dropped a hit song or pushed his pen since after releasing “Buga” in 2022, he needs to step it up. Great vocals tho. No offense.”


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