Kate Henshaw reacts to Aisha Buhari’s daughter-in-law’s graduation

Veteran actress, Kate Henshaw has seemingly reacted to the news of Nigeria’s first lady, Aisha Buhari’s daughter-in-law, graduating from a UK university.

The thespian took to her Twitter page to rhetorically ask whether universities in the country would be shut down, even for a day, if children of political leaders were schooling in the Nigeria.

She stated that instead, they rub it in the faces of citizens that they do not care, while they celebrate the graduation of their children schooling abroad.

The fitness enthusiast firmly urged citizens to ensure that they vote wisely in the coming elections.

It is common knowledge now that federal universities in the country have been on strike for seven months with an end to the strike beyond sight.

Asides Kate Henshaw’s reactions, backlash has also trailed the recent news of  had also followed recent news of Aisha Buhari celebrating her daughter-in-law’s graduation. Kate Henshaw tweeted:

“If their children were schooling here, do you think the Universities will be shut for even one day??
Instead they rub it in your faces that they don’t care while they celebrate with glee the graduation of their children in the abroad.

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