Kanye West Shocks Fans After He Shaves Off Eyebrows

Kanye West is in the news again as it appears that he has shaved off his eyebrows.
Following his strange haircut, Kanye West has a new facial appearance as he shaves his eyebrows.

On Sunday, the 31st of October, the Chicago rapper-producer live-streamed his Sunday Service performance.

Aside from Marilyn Manson’s presence at the event, the other shocking thing that caught fans’ attention was that Kanye didn’t have any eyebrows.

Last month, Ye debuted his new haircut on Instagram, which included a cut into his hair that appeared to resemble the “¥” symbol, which denotes Chinese yuan currency.

Some fans, however, have noticed the letters “Y” and “E” shaved into his skull in an abstract manner.

Kanye’s new haircut made the rounds on the internet on the same day that a judge granted his plea to change his name from Kanye Omari West to just Ye.

Following his announcement that Sunday Service was finally returning last weekend, with appearances from Marilyn Manson, Roddy Ricch, Justin Bieber, and others, Ye appeared with a new look, pairing his fresh haircut with a set of shaved eyebrows.

See photo below:

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