Kai Cenat replies lady who said he isn’t her type

Popular American streamer, Kai Cenat roasts Nigerian lady who claimed that he isn’t her type after he rejected her.

It would be recalled that the YouTuber had visited the country and stayed briefly during which he had toured and explored various aspects of Nigeria.

Kai Cenat lady type
Kai Cenat.

A lady, Comfort, he had rejected during his visit had gone online to opine that Kai Cenat cannot afford her and he’s simply not her type.

Kai Cenat went live to reply the tweet which the lady had made.

Kai Cenat lady type
Kai Cenat.

He said that if he were to be given an option between choosing her and Amala he would pick the latter, and would rather not go out to anywhere if she were to be the one taking him out.

xxssive said: “Femi Omo werey for a reason”

shally_bella commented: “Imagine being rejected twice”

wendy_adamma remarked: “Kai already left Nigeria but his spirit still lives on.”

etinjohn stated: “Kai can’t afford you but you Stand for line for hrs for ur turn and got rejected twice now is crazy”

_invictus_solomon penned: “He has really adopted that name Femi Omo Werey”

Watch video below …

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