Kai Cenat bemoans the absence of wi-fi in Ghana

Popular American YouTuber, Kai Cenat stirs debate online as he laments his inaccessibility to wireless fidelity (wi-fi) throughout the entire country of Ghana.

Afrobeat musician Davido and content producer Shanks Comics lavishly entertained Kai Cenat during his recent trip to Nigeria. Now, he’s extended his fun trip to Ghana.

Kai Cenat
Kai Cenat

The Youtuber, in a viral video, has claimed that there is no wi-fi throughout the whole country of Ghana.

Check out netizens reactions…

M.nneji said: “Ghana and Nigeria no be mate. Charley people think say na by 24hrs electricity.”

Beneze wrote: “Ghana is far better than one country  that river Nija and Benue divided into two where 500m of masses was shared to their senators.”

Lover of God asked: “So the whole country called Ghana is not as civilised as Lagos. Wow 😂”

sh3yitoks asked: “I thought Ghana 🇬🇭 had the best economy than Nigeria”

Olu noted: “Ghana will be so mad at this guy called Kai Cenat, They hate when people de-market their country. 😅”


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