Kaduna residents cooperate with petrol stations, drivers for cash

Due to the scarcity of Naira notes across Nigeria, Kaduna State residents have resorted to petrol stations and commercial drivers for assistance.

Naira Scarcity: Kaduna residents cooperate with petrol stations, drivers for cash

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, people are seeking cash to meet their urgent needs since most banks’ ATMs in the city have run out of cash and POS operators have shut down for the same reason. As a result, individuals are flocking to fuel stations that accept cash payments for fuel purchases rather than electronic transfers.

Reports revealed that individuals in need of cash are reaching an agreement with fuel buyers. They pay for the fuel electronically and receive cash in exchange from the buyer.

People who were interviewed at one of the filling stations said that this arrangement provided relief to many individuals who had been experiencing severe hardships.

β€œI got wind of this arrangement today and went to a petrol station dispensing fuel, talked to a commercial bus driver, and he accepted to help me.

β€œWe agreed that I should pay N7,000, through the station’s PoS, being the cost of his fuel, which I did.

β€œWhen it was his turn to be dispensed of the fuel, I presented the N7,000 slip, and collected the cash from him in return; it was a big relief to me as I had no cash on me.

β€œThe major challenge is that it is not everything that can be purchased through electronic transfer of money; there are some needs that can only be satisfied using liquid cash”,Β said Adamu Saleh, a resident.

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