Julia Fox Discusses Running Into Floyd Mayweather & Antonio Brown With Kanye West

Julia Fox says she and Kanye West ran into Floyd Mayweather and Antonio Brown while going out with Madonna.
Julia Fox says she recently went on a date with Kanye West and Madonna on Wednesday night and ran into Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown, and several others. Fox recalled the exciting night in a new piece for Interview Magazine.

“I had a date with Madonna, but obviously I invited Ye because they know each other, they work together, and they respect each other as artists,” Fox explained. “Then Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown, and a bunch of other people showed up. So obviously we had to do a photo shoot.”

Fox also discussed her relationship with West more broadly. The two began dating after meeting in Miami over New Year’s.

“You know, I’m so used to being fucked over in relationships, so I keep waiting for him to disappoint me, because he makes very grandiose promises, and it’s like, ‘How could he ever pull it off with all the other things he has going on,’” Fox said. “But he always does. Last night was a testament to that.”

Fox shares a son with her ex, Peter Artemiev, who she labeled a “deadbeat” and an “alcoholic,” during a lengthy post on Instagram ahead of Christmas, last month.

Check out photos from Fox’s interesting night below.

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