Jim Jones Says He Could “Smoke” Lloyd Banks On “Verzuz,” Questions G-Unit’s Relevancy

After Juelz Santana called on Banks for a “Verzuz,” his Dipset comrade explained why he’d face off with the former G-Unit rapper without issue.
Dipset is keeping their foot on Lloyd Banks’s neck as they continue to mention him during Verzuz conversations. In recent days, we’ve seen Juelz Santana make his social media plea for a one-on-one Verzuz following Dipset’s celebratory moment on the series with The LOX last August. On Twitter, Santana suggested that a Verzuz with Memphis Bleek would be too easy and instead, he opened up a challenge to Lloyd Banks.

Bleek reacted by saying that Santana may just be scared to face him, and while Hip Hop fans patiently wait to see if this comes to fruition on the Verzuz stage, Jim Jones has also made a few comments about Banks.

While on The Joe Budden Podcast, Jones flexed his talent and influence, especially in New York City, and added that if a Verzuz would to go down right at that moment, he would take Banks without a problem.

“You beg to differ? My sht is a package—to my drip, to my water…my sht is a package. My sht just ain’t the rap age, it’s the package,” said Jones. When I come out, they wanna see Capo. It’s not too many nggas that got that package.” No one was safe from Jones who also had a few choice words for the remainder of 50 Cent’s seemingly defunct G-Unit squad.

“Fck y’all think, this is the nostalgia era? I’m not nostalgic, ngga. I’m still lit,” Jones added. “There’s a difference. What year you gon’ stop at? What’s the last record they did that really meant something to somebody, that they could still get jiggy with? Not to be disrespectful, we talking Hip Hop. That’s what we do, let’s be factual.”

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