Jeremy JR Robinson Net Worth, Career, Source of Income and Bio

Jeremy Jr Robinson is an American criminal defense and personal injury lawyer. He is well recognized for his role in the Peacock dating series, Queen Court. As of 2023, Jeremy Jr Robinson net worth is expected to be about $1.5 million.

Jeremy Jr Robinson is a criminal defense attorney in the United States. He is the founder of the JR Law Group and the CEO of Rags 2 Riches Logistics.

Robinson proposed to the singer Tamar Braxton in the Queen’s Court finale episode, which aired on Peacock on March 16.

Jeremy Jr. Robinson was born in the United States. His true age and birth date have yet to be determined. Jeremy was raised by his single mother, who struggled with drug addiction.

During his first encounter with his now-fiancee, Tamar Braxton, he revealed that his mother had died from cancer. In terms of education, he is known to have received his GED while in juvenile detention.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Jeremy Jr Robinson
  • Born Place: United States
  • Profession: Criminal defense attorney
  • Fiance: Tamar Braxton
  • Net Worth: $1.5 million
Jeremy JR Robinson Net Worth
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Early Life

Jeremy Robinson has not revealed much about his early life; therefore, the details of his birthdate and family members are unknown. Robinson reportedly grew up in a family without a father.

Robinson admitted that he never had his father around as a child. Despite this, Robinson has no bitter emotions toward his father. He went on to say, “Although I am not a perfect man, you created a great father who loves and cherishes his children dearly.”

According to Gossip Next Door, Jeremy’s mother has died, and his father did not attend the funeral. Furthermore, Jeremy appears to be the lone child of his parents, and there is no data concerning his siblings.

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Jeremy JR Robinson Net Worth and Career

Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson is a millionaire with an astounding net worth of $1.5 million. The majority of his wealth has come from his work as an attorney. He attended Auburn University and received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Following that, Jeremy attended Georgia State University and received a Master’s degree. After finishing his education, Robinson began his professional career.

He was imprisoned as a youth, then joined the Marine Corps in 1995 and served in Iraq. After surviving a rocket-propelled grenade attack, Robinson received an AirStrike Flight Medal.

Furthermore, Robinson credits the Marine Corps for allowing him to turn his life around after receiving his GED in juvenile detention.

Later, Robinson pushed for men’s rights and founded the Jr. Law Group on October 9, 2020. Since then, they have taken on other cases, and their portfolio is rather impressive.

Aside from that, Robinson is the CEO of Rag 2 Riches Logistics, which was established on May 12, 2021.

The logistics company mostly deals with package delivery methods. Robinson’s Instagram posts demonstrate that he is living his life to the fullest. His Instagram feeds are loaded with his daily life, which he thoroughly enjoys.

On the other hand, he is Tamar Braxton’s fiancé, with a net worth in the six figures (at least $3 million).

Jeremy’s Other Business Ventures

Attorney profession is just one of Jeremy Robinson’s several business ventures. Rag 2 Riches Logistics is a firm he co-founded with Joshua Smith, who serves as the company’s silent partner and organizer and is the CEO.

The company was started in May 2021, and they have been working to improve package transit techniques around the world ever since.

In keeping with their slogan, “Turning small money into a million-dollar transportation business,” they also offer logistics system training to help recruit more Delivery Service Partners.

Although the company has Instagram and Facebook accounts, it has not provided any new updates or other information.


Jeremy JR Robinson is currently in a relationship with the artist Queen’s Court. In the closing episode, which aired on Peacock on March 16, JR proposed to her, stating that he did not want to be her friend but rather her husband. Braxton also accepted his proposal, and the couple is reportedly planning a wedding.

Robinson has previously been in relationships with four other women. He also has five children from previous partnerships.

In 2019, he was asked about having two children with different women. JR responded to the question by stating that it was a rough and gloomy time for him, and he was generally dating and had dated several women.

Jeremy JR Robinson Net Worth

As of 2023, Jeremy JR Robinson net worth is expected to be $1,000,000. He must earn around $95,818 per year as a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Jeremy has also received recognition in the legal world from numerous organizations. However, he has chosen not to accept the acknowledgments, preferring to receive personal appreciation from his clientele.

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