Jake Paul Has More Smoke For Tommy Fury

Jake Paul is beyond frustrated with Tommy Fury.
Jake Paul will be fighting Hasim Rahman Jr. on August 6th at Madison Square Garden. For those who may not know, Rahman Jr. is the son of another famous boxer who once beat Lennox Lewis. He has a career record of 12-1 and going into this match, there is no doubt that Paul will be tested more than he ever has before. Unlike many of his other bouts, this one is not a sure victory.

Prior to announcing Rahma Jr. as his opponent, Paul was supposed to go up against the likes of Tommy Fury. In the end, Fury was cut from the card as he had numerous issues getting into the United States. While Fury claims he is disappointed about the outcome, Paul says Fury actually ghosted him.

While speaking to TMZ, Jake revealed whether or not he would still fight Fury in the future. As you can see in the clip down below, Paul is down for it to happen, although Fury is going to need to show some real urgency. In typical Paul fashion, he made sure to get some digs in at the UK boxer.

“I’m considering [fighting Fury] after August 6, but I want to fight at Madison Square Garden, and the show must go on whether or not Tommy Fury’s in the arena. I don’t wait for people. I don’t need to wait around. I have a responsibility to my fans to put on shows,” Jake said. “I don’t buy it. I had multiple people hit me up that said, ‘I can get him in. I have connections to people at the embassy. We’ll get him his visa, no problem.’ And I DM’ed Tommy and he just went into hiding.”

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