“it’s quite traumatic” – Baaj Adebule reveals that he don’t want to marry a virgin

  • Nollywood actor Baaj Adebule has expressed his preference not to marry a virgin when he is ready to commit to marriage.
  • Baaj expresses his reluctance to marry a virgin due to the disvirgination procedure.

Well-known Nollywood actor Baaj Adebule has declared that when he gets married, he doesn’t plan to wed a virgin.

Because of the disvirgining process, Baaj claims he doesn’t want to marry a virgin. He said he had previously gone through the procedure, characterizing it as “traumatic.”

Adebule declared, “I don’t want to marry a virgin. Because first, obviously, you will have to do the disvirgining which is something I’ve been through before and it is quite traumatic.

“When people think about it, they only think about the lady, nobody thinks about the guy and what he goes through to do it. It is a very terrible experience for a guy.”

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