It’s Duty Of Security Agencies To Know Terrorists’ Hideouts — And Eliminate Them

It is the responsibility of security officials, according to President Muhammadu Buhari, to know where terrorists hideout.
Buhari said this in response to questions from journalists on Monday after joining other Muslims at the Mambilla barracks parade ground in Abuja for Eid-el-Fitr prayers.

In response to the issue of insecurity, President Buhari stated that his administration would continue to endeavor to make Nigeria more secure for its residents.

He also urged the chiefs of the country’s security agencies to live up to their obligations and pursue the terrorists who are wreaking havoc on the country.

“We’ll continue to make the environment secure, especially when the rainy season is coming, so that farmers can go back to their farms and we wouldn’t have problem of food security,” he said.

“Heads of the services — army, navy, air force, the inspector-general of police and so on — are very much aware of the situation. It’s their duties to know where the terrorists are and eliminate them.”

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