Isbae U breaks silence following father’s demise (Video)

Popular Instagram comedian, Isbae U, breaks silence following the demise of his father and Nollywood actor, Kamal Adebayo.

isbae U

The Yoruba actor passed on two days after the Christmas celebration which threw many thespians and fans into a mournful state.

Speaking following the death of his father, Isbae U took to Instagram to share a video with his father, Kamal Adebayo while expressing his pain as an orphan.

In a lengthy post, he wrote;

β€œI lost my Dad , i lost my Biggest Fan, I lost my Hero , I lost my friend , …I feel Empty , I feel Confused And I feel Lost, I can’t Believe I am An Orphan !

"I lost my biggest fan; I can't believe I am an orphan" β€” Isbae U breaks silence following father's demise (Video)

I am Teary and I Am Scared , but As a Muslim I was taught to Thank God during Joyful moments and thank God when I’m going through Pain. God You are the Most High, I know you have your reasons, and I trust You Ya Allah , So i will always Say Alhamdullilahi …

Dear Allah I beg you with everyone and Everything that makes you happy on Earth , I Plead with you to Help Forgive My DAD’s sins and Grant Him Paradise πŸ™πŸΏ. Rest In Peace Sir K , Rest In Peace My favorite Warrior , Rest in Peace ShankarBabu β€œInna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un”.

Watch the video below …

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