“Is his sin the worst sin?

A Nigerian man, Pastor Robert Jr, has publicly voiced his support for Nollywood actor Yul Edochie’s newly established ministry, True Salvation Ministry.

The endorsement was accompanied by a stern warning to those criticizing the actor-turned-pastor about the potential consequences of their actions.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, January 24, Pastor Robert who is a senior prophet of Grace Confirmation Church Worldwide shared a soft copy of Yul Edochie’s ministry, emphasizing that God can use anyone, irrespective of their background.

"Is his sin the worst sin? - Man speaks on Yul Edochie's ministry, shares his views
Pastor Robert Jr.

The senior cleric went on to place Yul Edochie above popular Nigerian televangelist Chris Okotie, highlighting the latter’s marital history as a basis for his comparison.

He proceeded to draw attention to Chris Okotie’s three marriages, all of which ended in divorce, questioning the credibility of someone who holds the title of pastor despite such personal circumstances.

In his words;

…God can use anybody!

“This Yul Edochie is even better than Chris Okotie.

“Chris Okotie who married three different women in different times and yet ended up divorcing all. Yet his a pastor!

“Who is Yul that God can’t call?!!!

“Is his sin the worse sin? Or are you people just hating on him? Becareful, man is not God!” 

Netizens Reactions…

Melody C. Unah said; “Why is he telling us. “Let him go ahead and d what he want we don’t care. “Is he the only one to have been called by God if at all it’s true.”

Roselyn Bankong said; “Thank you so much sir for telling them, Because the h@te is to much on him.”

Ijeoma Kenneth said; “God bless you. “Some people are questioning his discipleship. “Saying he needs training, what if he gone through that but decided not to bring it on social media. God have his own way.” 

See below;

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