Is Ayra Starr The Most Talented Mavin Artist Right Now?

It is no news by now that Don Jazzy has already started a rebuild of his powerhouse label, Mavin Records.
The record label which has maintained its spot as one of the most influential imprints in the Nigerian music industry, has had quite a number of stars pass through. And that’s what they do, they pass through. Right now, there’s an array of new school artists passing through.

Mavin Records is populated with the likes of Ayra Starr, Magixx, Ladipoe, Crayon, and the latest signee, Boy Spyce. There is no doubt that these guys are talented and have the potential to be top artists in this industry. Heck, some of them already are.

But when it comes to talent and proving oneself as an artist, has any other person under the Mavin umbrella done more than Ayra Starr? Recall that Ayra Starr was introduced a little over a year ago with a self-titled EP that made a name for her.

She did not get special treatment because she’s the first Mavin girl in years. She got just the same treatment artists like Rema, Ruger, Magixx, and even Boy Spyce now got upon their introduction. But something about Ayra Starr stuck.

Maybe it was how the EP showed that she could definitely do more. Or it was the fact that she offered some kind of fresh perspective to music from women in the industry. But something stuck.

Then, not very long after, she released her debut album (essentially ruling herself out of the Next Rated conversation) and she’s been on a roll since. “19 & Dangerous” is a solid debut that can be compared to iconic debuts like that of Fireboy and Kizz Daniel.

From that album, we’ve had hits like “Bloody Samaritan” and “Beggie Beggie.” The truth is that there’s no shortage of songs that could be hits on the album. It just goes to show that Ayra Starr isn’t exactly a fluke. I daresay, she is the most talented artist on the Mavin roster right now!

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