“I’m the greatest philosopher of our time” – Shallipopi reveals

Shallipopi, a rising musician, compared himself to Shakespeare, stating that he is a wise and great philosopher. He boasted about his songwriting prowess, comparing it to Shakespeare’s complex pen game, and claiming that Shakespeare trembles when he writes.

“I’m the greatest philosopher of our time" - Shallipopi reveals

Shallipopi, a fast-rising musician, aligns himself with the renowned English playwright, Shakespeare, to defend his status as a clever and brilliant philosopher.

During his break from the studio, the musician used the opportunity to brag about his abilities as a songwriter. In his opinion, he has transformed into a knowledgeable turtle and can no longer be simply referred to as the Pluto president.

His words is as follows

“From now on call me not only the president of pluto, But the wise tortoise🐢🪐 . If you pay close attention to everything I have said you would easily know I’m the greatest philosopher of our time, dropping a sentence that has a thousand meaning that only few can decode. Shallipopi dey write, Shakespeare Dey shake 🤯📖”

Netizens Reactions:

@afrisagacity said: “Shallipopi, you’re actually far from the truth. Comparing yourself or your lyrics to the writings of Shakespeare is pure hallucination.”

@Officially_Kriz remarked: “Shakespeare dey learn work for where you dey boss. Can he ever think of “I start to dey bend her dey bend her like benz”. I don’t think so.

Shallipopi >>> Shakespeare”

@jujupunter stated: “U don stil go Cloud 9 again…


@Ovo_himself449 commented: “Your lyrics changed my life, i became born again”

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“I’m the greatest philosopher of our time" - Shallipopi reveals

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