“Ilikuwa Tuonane” King Kalala Recalls Being Dumped By Boyfriend For Reminding Him The Past

King Kalala was madly in love with a man but the relationship ended bitterly last year and she is not sure if she has healed from the heartbreak.

The NRG presenter revealed that her man walked out of her life because he was unpleased when she reminded him of their past.

“I have been a fresh heartbreak. Ilihappen last year. Huyu kijana, you know those men that you grow with, tukianza kudate alikuwa amekondakonda siku hizi ako na expense watch amenonanona anaenda hadi gym and then you dump me because I reminded you where we came from,” she told her fellow hosts at NRG Radio, during a discussion on the dumpest things that people do because of heartbreaks.

King Kalala said that the heartbreak took a toll on her and she cried for three months. She would not take a bath or even eat and would stick to her house.

“He dumped me. Tulikuwa tunaishi pamoja, so he moved out and me I am still in that house being traumatized kila siku. Nilikuwa nashinda kwa kitanda, naenda sitting room nakaa kwa carpet, nalia. I can even go like three days without kutoka kwa nyumba am just there. Hata chakula ni rafiki yangu ananiletea. You broke my heart msee nilidhani tunaenda mbali the things I have done for you,” she said.

“I loved him. Ilikuwa tuoane, I don’t know what went wrong. Ni hawa vijana wa kupeleka your friends kwa clubs na kuwapea wanawake. I cried for like three months, hata sahi sidhani nimepona”King Kalala  further said.




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