If You Want Financial Stability, Stop Helping People Who Aren’t Your Wife And Kids – Man Schools Nigerian Men

Funfere Koroye, a Nigerian design engineer residing in the UK, has resorted to ‘X’ to provide advice to males seeking financial security.

The list contained a variety of items, including cartons of soft drinks and packs of cigarettes.

He encouraged them to prioritize their own needs and quit assisting those who were not their spouses or children.

“If you want financial stability; stop helping people who aren’t your wife and kids. It’s an unpopular opinion but everyone should hustle for their own needs because givers dey lack now,” he wrote on Thursday, April 4.

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Bride thrilled as her boss flies to Nigeria from all the from UK for her wedding ceremony

A Nigerian bride couldn’t contain her joy when her boss flew to Nigeria from the United Kingdom for her wedding ceremony.

Her boss traveled in for her wedding ceremony with his wife, and the lady was pleased that they showed up.

She hugged them firmly and thanked them for the sacrifice.Reactions to Port Harcourt wedding video@buchi said: “Wow. This is lovely. Thank you sir.”@Aijay commented: “Imagine she lied about the wedding, just to get away from work.”@Justinagabriel said: “If na my own now, witches and wizards would fly from the village.” *@Mocha latte said: “My boss can never. Na to dey find people downfall she know.”@Clara said: “My own boss na to dey shout up and down.”@E.J said: “It’s genuine gratitude. No one acts like that to aside guy in the presence of the husband. They probably helped them through the relationship.”

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