If you are 35 and still unmarried, propose to your boyfriend

In a viral video, a priest causes a buzz online as he advises unmarried women who are 35 and above to break social conventions and propose to their partners.

The priest took out time to tender relationship advice to the female congregants who gathered to listen to his sermon.

priest 35 unmarried propose

He revealed that women who are advanced in age and are still unmarried (and desiring to be married) shouldn’t always wait for the men to make the move because they don’t have much time on their side.

The priest said that when they should break the social convention of a woman waiting for the man to be the one to propose first.

He advised that when a woman at 35 and above notices that a guy is somewhat interested in them, they should pitch their good qualities to the man so as to make it easier for the man.

oma said: “i am 35 this year and i can’t settle for less”

Mamacita🍭😜 asked: “Dear women . Must u marry ?”

Merry py stated: “I don’t have to be married to have a happy life ❤️and that is my final decision”

Njideka penned: “marriage marriage person no go hear world for una so if person didn’t marry the person don’t have value again nawa for una Nigeria people”

chididavid5 asserted: “if a lady clock 35 and not married, she should forget it once you clock 28 as a lady forget marriage”

user8463231710310 commented: “go for what you want and desire don’t look at what people will say they will not be the one to feed you or support you”

Watch video below …


At 35 years and your yet unmarried 😂😂 Propose to your boyfriend abeg #relationship #dating

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