I won’t leave my wife if she cheats – Seun Kuti spills

Nigerian musician and composer Seun Kuti, who is nominated for a Grammy, has stated that he will not divorce his wife Yetunde Kuti even if she betrays him.

Additionally, his wife has stated that she will never file for divorce from him, even if he cheats, and that she won’t contemplate leaving him for anything.

Seun Kuti,

The Nigerian pair recently made an appearance on TVC’s Valentine-themed episode of “Your View,” an entertainment and lifestyle program, as special guests.

Seun clarified that his reasoning is based on the notion that an affair won’t end their marriage.

Yetunde said; “There is nothing my husband is going to do that would make me leave him. Even if he cheats on me I won’t leave him. I am not going to leave my husband because he cheated on me. Nah, that can’t happen.”

Seun inferred: “We don’t believe in cheating. What is cheating? Love is not ownership.”

The anchor asked Seun; “Would you leave her [your wife] if she cheats on you,” to which he replied; “No. What has that got to do with anything?”

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