‘I will not be patient with anyone who continues to monitor me’ – Nkechi Blessing warns ‘pokenosers’

  • Nkechi Blessing has urged ‘pokenosers‘ not to illegally film her or risk losing their phones as she clarifies her dating status, following breakup rumors.
  • The movie diva criticized individuals for making one statement only to later contradict it later.

Popular actress Nkechi Blessing has addressed breakup rumors and issued a warning to “pokenosers” not to illegally video her or else they risk losing their phones.

The movie Divas made a big deal out of how would say one thing and then go back and contradict it.

She claims that her followers had told her to stop showing off her partner on social media, and when she listened to them and stopped, they started to think that they had broken up.

She stated that as it stands, she is both in a relationship and not in a relationship and those poke nosing into her business should steer clear.

She continued, saying that she would not be patient with anyone who continued to monitor her company and that they should make sure they quit this year.

Nkechi threatened to destroy the phone of anyone caught filming her without permission.

Watch Video below:

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