“I will never be poor in my life”

A recently shared video on TikTok has set the internet abuzz with the extravagant entrance of a couple’s wedding cake.

The captivating footage showcases a theatrical performance that left both guests and the newlyweds in awe.

The viral video, posted on TikTok, opens with an air of anticipation as the camera captures the couple, radiating happiness and joy on their special day.

"I will never be poor in my life" - Video shows couple's unusual wedding cake

The venue exudes an air of opulence, setting the stage for what would soon become a wedding moment to remember.

The wedding cake, is the star of the show. Suspended delicately from the ceiling, the cake makes a grand entrance as it descends, almost like a divine gift from above.

The precision and grace with which the cake is lowered add an extra layer of enchantment to the already magical atmosphere.

As the cake gracefully reaches its destination, the guests can be seen gasping in amazement, and the couple’s faces light up with joy.

"I will never be poor in my life" - Video shows couple's unusual wedding cake

The newlyweds, looking splendid in their wedding clothes, walk towards the amazing cake, getting ready to cut it as part of the traditional ceremony.

The couple, smiling with joy, grabs the knife and starts cutting the cake in a symbolic act.

The atmosphere buzzes with excitement as everyone watches the extraordinary moment unfold.

In a heartwarming exchange, the bride, in a display of love and unity, feeds a piece of the decadent cake to her groom.

Netizens Reactions…

Richie said; “Repeat after me….l will never be poor in my life.”

Pam36363 wrote; “Is like everybody’s cake is coming from the sky mine will be different under grand cake nothing nobody will tell me.”

User7568619789431 said; “I tap into this marriage.”

User5491152344461 said; “Right now I need to focus on money not relationships biaaa de love will come because eii.”

Stellalalumiere said; “Eiii was the first word that came out of my mouth.”

Ciciellajera said; “Make we no hear zaddy broke my head two days to my birthday o.”

Lumen2442 said; “After God nah money, I will never be poor.” Miss Patience: “The same design on my wedding day.” 

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