“I said yes again” — Isreal DMW’s ex-wife Sheila Courage reportedly gets engaged

It’s proposal season, and Isreal DMW’s estranged wife, Sheila Courage, is fortunate to have another chance to walk down the aisle.

Sheila, unable to control her enthusiasm, turned to Instagram to celebrate her good news.

“I said yes again” — Isreal DMW's ex-wife Sheila Courage reportedly gets engaged

Sheila, who was previously married to Israel, had a lot of scandal regarding their failed marriage.

Israel claims Sheila did not love him and simply married him because of his fortune.

He further said that, despite her virginity, she was never pleased with sex with him.

Despite his online outbursts, Sheila scarcely replied, merely informing her fans that she had already repaid the bride price he paid.

Ginika, Sheila’s best friend, also confirmed the happy news in an Instagram story.

Her proposal occurred shortly after the two uploaded a video of themselves going outside of the nation, and many believe that is where the event took place.

See the post below.

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